Unconventional Modeling

Shale Gas/Liquid Resource Play Evaluation Training Outline (2 Day Course)

BasinMod offers tools designed specifically for the evaluation of shale gas plays, including the Shale Gas Production Model. The Unconventional Modeling course builds on the experienced modeler's knowledge of BasinMod and BasinView. Platte River Associates Inc.'s integrated software - BasinMod, BasinView, and BasinMod Risk - provide quick and cost-effective methods for the evaluation of shale gas resource plays. The evaluation process combines source, reservoir, and producibility of the play which results in the identification of “sweet spots within sweet spots,” i.e., areas of greatest potential.

The class follows a shale gas/liquid workflow, including:

  • discussion of tasks to be performed
  • application of the software to complete each task, and
  • a training component covering Coal Bed Methane.

Time is allocated for participants to build additional models.

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