BasinMod/PetroAnalyst are proxy-aware. At startup, it automatically detects proxy settings of the machine, so in most cases you will not need to do anything. In rare cases, you may manually specify the proxy settings in a local file. It is simply a text file that BasinMod/PetroAnalyst looks for at startup, and that text file needs to be created by you (or IT) with a specific filename and placed in a specific location on the computer where BasinMod/PetroAnalyst is installed. That location being:


Where %LOCALAPPDATA% is a folder on your system, usually something like C:\Users\username\AppData\Local

and PRA is the subdirectory. The filename must exactly match “”.

The proxy information then must be defined within this text file:

# Set the network proxy used by the CryptLex license library.

# NetworkProxy=[protocol://][username:password@]machine[:port]


The items in square brackets are optional.  Here are some examples: