BasinMod 2-D

BasinMod 2-D models dynamic geologic conditions within a petroleum system, by examining hydrocarbon generation from source rocks through secondary migration and accumulation in traps.

Model building:

  • Easily handle complex stratigraphy, including complicated unconformities.
  • Vary surface temperature and heat flow through time.
  • Model lateral and vertical facies successions.
  • Graphically display and edit the chronostratigraphic section.


  • Calculation engine combines backstripping and forward modeling.
  • Calculate values for all cells in a calculation grid. The variation of pressure and fluids in adjacent cells drives migration.
  • Uses a finite difference method for thermal and fluid flow calculations.
  • Fluid flow along faults may be or automated or manually controlled.
  • Calculate the effects of mobile substrates (e.g., salt, shale) through time.


  • Display model values, such as temperature, pressure, maturity, generation, and saturation in cross-section either as continuous color or value windows at any point in time.
  • Measured maturity, porosity, temperature, and pressure may be displayed on the cross-section for calibration.
  • Draw a burial history or plot any model value versus time or depth.
  • Display velocity arrows for oil, gas, and water.

For more on BasinMod 2-D please click here to view the demo movies. If you do not have a username and password to view the movie, please contact to obtain a username and password.