Play Fairway Mapping and Analysis

PetroAnalyst connects the traditional geologic analysis of petroleum systems (source, reservoir, etc.) and the evaluation of exploration chance of success. In the base workflow, individual risk maps are created for each element of the petroleum system and then “rolled-up” to create a final risk map for the basin or play fairway. Diverse geologic information from a variety of sources can be brought into PetroAnalyst to support both qualitative and quantitative risk assessments. Additional workflows support the integration of estimates of data confidence into the play analysis and may be used to ‘update’ the CRS maps into Geologic Chance of Success Maps. This enables the exploration team to rapidly identify potential issues such as condemning an area without sufficient evidence or being unable to evaluate an area owing to lack of reliable data.

Included with PetroAnalyst is a library of Gross Depositional Environments (GDEs) and Lithologies. In immature areas, these can be used to build up an initial framework for the play fairway. PetroAnalyst includes powerful editors for creating the GDE or Lithology polygons, as well as the facility to directly load data from external analog databases, GDE’s and Lithologies, and assign risk maps.

PetroAnalyst makes it easy to:

  • Seamlessly produce and update COS maps from Petroleum Systems Analysis and other data sources including third party analog databases of Gross Depositional Environments
  • Use the Map Rack to load via drag and drop shape files, grids, culture information, and spreadsheets. Use custom editors and analysis tool to spatially evaluate the data in preparation for play mapping
  • Stack data and maps from different projections in the same map view using the Projection Manager
  • Define risk thresholds from spatial data using the powerful histogram analysis tool
  • Generate new data using the Grid Manipulation Tool such as a porosity map using a porosity vs. depth grid
  • Integrate data confidence to avoid common pitfalls such as condemning an area with insufficient data or to determine areas where investment in new data may be required to better understand play potential
  • Review plays and prospects on the fly in peer review meetings, generate new maps, review alternate scenarios and use other data
  • Customize risk assessments for conventional and unconventional resource plays
  • Promote consistency in risk assessment across business units and for different asset types
  • Inspect the contribution of individual risk elements spatially with multiple graphics options including risk matrices, bar charts, and radar plots

PetroAnalyst includes its own spatial engine, database, and specially designed interface to support the geologist. No training in complex third party Geographic Information Systems or licenses of these applications is required to operate PetroAnalyst.

PetroAnalyst includes extensive best practice documentation to support the work process and ensure consistency between teams and different plays with the software. For more information about PetroAnalyst, click here.

Platte River also offers standard and customizable courses in play fairway mapping concepts and their application using PetroAnalyst. Please click here for more information or contact

For more on PetroAnalyst please click here to view the demo movie. If you do not have a username and password to view the movie, please contact .