Users are able to speak with PRA personnel during business hours if a problem incurs. Our software is uniquely programmed with user feedback and continuously adapts to industry needs, therefore user feedback and suggestions are always appreciated.

Technical Support

Solutions to technical support issues can be made via email or by phone. Users can speak directly with geologic, IT, and administrative personnel to help resolve problems with software installation or operation. For our clients’ convenience, Go-To-Meeting sessions are also available via the internet.

When emailing tech support, please let us know what program you are using, what you were doing when the problem occurred, and include screenshots of any error messages you receive. This will help us to assist you more quickly.

Click here for tech support.


These 45-minute sessions are held periodically, usually following the release of PRA software, to showcase new tools and their applications to petroleum system modeling. Users can observe workflow and modeling results in real-time. Webinars are repeated at different times to accommodate users in various time zones.

Online Resources

A series of topic-specific, brief (3-10 minutes) training movies demonstrate basic software functions. With a user login and password, these Fundamentals of BasinMod movies are available anytime on PRA’s website and include:

  • Getting Started in BasinMod
  • Populating the Stratigraphy Table
  • Creating a Lithology Mix or a Mineral Mix
  • Estimating Surface Erosion
  • Creating a Map

Click here to access the training movies.